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Last Save Loaded
A games discussion podcast
Category: Video Games
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Join Justin and Colm as they alternate between talking about video games to movies, gaming heaven, gaming hell, and other featu...

by Last Save L...
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April 30, 2018 02:34 PM PDT

Welcome to Episode 244. Justin is somehow managing to host this week, despite only having had 3 hours of sleep. Will Colm give him any sympathy? Absolutely not!

On the show this week, Justin has been to another midnight screening.

Colm has been loving using his new PS4 Pro.

Things we've been playing include Ni No Kuni 2, Rime, Uncharted Lost Legacy, A Way Out, Zelda, Tumble VR, and Valiant Hearts.

We get some Facebook comments, and lots of Twitter comments. You can let us know what you've been playing by emailing lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.

We're not recording for a few weeks now, so we hope you enjoy the show.

April 23, 2018 03:01 PM PDT

It's the Features Show this week, with Justin and Colm bringing you more of the Last Save Loaded nonsense you've come to appreciate.

Justin has been bringing the power of Persona to the listeners by lending out his Vita TV.

Colm has been pretending to be a taxi driver, and experimenting with Vegan food, as well as getting excited for his PS4 Pro.

We get a One Word Review on Ni No Kuni 2.

Things we've been watching include Rampage, A Quiet Place, The Butterfly Effect, Bad Taste, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Bright.

Listener comments are brought to you this week from Twitter and Facebook. You can leave us your words by visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, emailing lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, and @Solm67.

April 16, 2018 04:00 PM PDT

In this week's episode Colm is hosting and trying to be nicer after the angry rants last week, but will it last?

Justin has been having a day off work, sitting in the dark as the gas and electric temporarily get switched off.

Colm has been pre-ordering things, so we take a sneak peak at how stretched his Front Pocket is now!

Games we've been playing include Ni No Kuni 2, Skyrim, Splatoon 2, I Am Setsuna, Far Cry 5, Rime, Tumble VR, Bulletstorm, and Rock Band.

No Facebook comments or emails, but we always manage to get a decent bunch of tweets. You can send us things to read out by using lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, and @Onyersix.

April 09, 2018 03:53 PM PDT

It's the Features show this week, but we've mixed things up a little this week and thrown the usual format out of the window.

Colm has been busy playing games and drinking.

Justin has been getting out the plastic instruments with Rock Band.

Things we've been watching include Star Trek Discovery, Sharknado, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and some comedy shows.

Justin has a PS VR Aim Controller in his Front Pocket.

Colm gives a One Word Review on I Am Setsuna.

Dodgy Collie doesn't have a bargain for us this week, but wants to tell us about a game instead with A Way Out.

We have a voicemail from Trev, as well as Facebook and Twitter comments. If you'd like to send us your thoughts then email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, visit Facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix or @Solm67.

April 02, 2018 04:18 PM PDT

Welcome to Episode 240 of Last Save Loaded. We're here to talk about some games, but there are also a few other things we'd like to chat about.

Justin has been working hard for the month end, and has been trying to tempt Colm to buy a PSVR.

Colm has been resisting by keeping himself occupied, including some coach co-op, and listening to Justin Knowles on the BAMcast.

Things we've been playing include Knack, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Skyrim, Skyrim, Halo 5, Splatoon 2, Overwatch, A Way Out, and I Am Setsuna.

Comments take up a large portion of the show this week, as we have plenty of Facebook mentions, and lots of Twitter comments.

If you'd like to send us your thoughts then visit Facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or tweet @Lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.

March 26, 2018 04:00 PM PDT

Greetings, and welcome to episode 239 of Last Save Loaded. This week we have a Features show with not many features.

Colm has been on a mini break, and encountered more snow.

Justin has been back to college, but may have only caused problems for everyone.

We hear about Justin's attempts to save Star Fleet in VR with the team from Codec Moments, and a very different approach to upholding the peace with the Klingons.

Things we've been watching include Star Wars : The Last Jedi, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Cosmos : A Spacetime Odyssey, Ready Player One, Annihilation, Love, Simon, and Game Night.

We have tons of listener mail and feedback, and as usual, you can send us your thoughts and words by dropping an email to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, or @Solm67.

Er.... Um.... Er....sniff sniff...

March 19, 2018 04:36 PM PDT

Colm is back to host this week as we chat about games, getting on with hosts from other shows, and the usual moaning about how long it takes to edit.

Snow has arrived, and we're not that fond of it.

Things we've been playing include Skyrim, Wolfenstein : The Old Blood, Outlast, Fifa, Splatoon 2, Overwatch, Entwined, and Knack.

No Facebook comments this week, but plenty of Twitter comments, and the return of voicemails from Trev.

If you'd like to get your comments to us then email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, visit Facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or tweet @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, @Onyersix.

March 12, 2018 03:38 PM PDT

This week we we bring you a features show with a difference. A few weeks ago Justin had an idea that spiralled out of control, and it culminated with the creation of this show. Colm visits the Codec Moments, while guests come to LSL.

Cevin Moore from Lapsed Gamer Radio joins the show once again, only this time he acts as quizmaster to Justin and Andy Brown from the Codec Moments podcast.

The guests also have a delve in their Front Pocket with Blu Ray Movies and the Amazon Echo Dot.

Things we've been watching include Red Sparrow, Thor Ragnarok, Night of the Living Dead, Leon, and Blade Runner.

We managed to pick up a few listener questions, but we didn't get a question of the week out. The show was always going to be a long one.

If you have any comments for the team then please get in touch by visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded. You can email lastsaveloaded@gmail.com. If twitter is your thing then follow @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, @Cevni, @ClinicalAndy. Don't forget to follow @Solm67.

March 05, 2018 03:46 PM PST

Welcome to the show as we talk about some games, and general nonsense. The cold weather has hit, and we're all snuggled up to bring you more words to listen to.

Colm has been working from home.

Justin has been sent home from work.

Games we've been playing include Blood Bowl II, Titanfall 2, Far Cry 2, Skyrim, Bulletstorm, Wolfenstein : The Old Blood, and some more Outlast.

There are Facebook comments and Twitter comments, and we love reading them out. You can send your comments to us to read out by emailing lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.

February 26, 2018 03:00 PM PST

Welcome one and all to episode 235. Justin is hosting for the Features with Colm providing his own unique views and comments.

Justin has been hurting himself, and started selling his X-Wing stock.

Colm has a look in his Front Pocket with Love Max III!!!!!

We have a One Word Review on Bulletstorm.

Dodgy Collie gives a tip on Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age.

Retro Review returns to take a look back at Sim City.

Things we've been watching include the Winter Olympics, Black Panther, The Crown, Star Trek Discovery, World War II In Colour, and Get Hard.

Comments are always welcome, so please send us yours by email to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, by visiting facebook.com/lastsaveloaded, or by tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Onyersix, or @Solm67.

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